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Gas Fireplace Service & Diagnostic Repair

Every year we receive hundreds of calls regarding gas fireplace and gas logs. These appliances are not maintenance free and do require annual cleaning and diagnostic service. Soot build-up is a result of flame impingement which is caused by incomplete combustion, i.e. flames coming in direct contact with a surface, cooling the flame, and preventing combustion, this can be caused by blocked burner tubes or improperly placed logs. If you are experiencing odor issues, sooting problems, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, shortness of breath, or irritation of the nasal passages, you and your family may be exposed to potentially life threatening carbon monoxide poisoning.

WARNING: Vent-free gas logs should never have soot build-up!

Gas Fireplace Repair

21 Point Gas Appliance Diagnostic Service

  1. Check manufactuer installation & venting requirements

  2. Check clearance to combustible materials

  3. Check suitability and condition of venting system

  4. Check valve & regulator operation

  5. Check log-set and media placement

  6. Clean pilot assembly & service main burner

  7. Clean log-set, firebox, heat exchange, blower compartment, and glass door.

  8. Vacumn debris from system

  9. Test thermocouple & thermopile operation

  10. Test manifold inlet and outlet pressure

  11. Test valve & regulator operation

  12. Check electrical continuity of system components

  13. Test pilot flame & main burner performance

  14. Clean oxygen detection sensor

  15. Check and adjust air shutter settings 

  16. Check draft hood performance

  17. Reinstallation of log-set & replacement of ember glow

  18. Replace receiver, transmitter, and system back up batteries

  19. Check remote and blower system operation

  20. Perform post service CO readings

  21. Check operation and replace batteries in CO/Smoke detectors

*Annual or Bi-annual serice is typically recommended based on the type of heating appliance. We service the appliance, diagnose faulty system components, and identify parts that need replacement or repair. We keep a healthy inventory of commonly needed parts for onsite same day repairs.  

Our 21 point gas appliance service includes inspection of the gas appliance, attached venting systems, attached gas supply lines, main burner, pilot, and electronic diagnostics. We cleaning all system components, and provide a digital service and inspection report.

How to Light your Pilot Light?


Remote Control  Operation

Fireplace Remote Troubleshooting
Soot of Log-Set

Ventfree gas appliances must be sized appropriately, installed correctly, and require annual service to perform safely and efficiently. Simply have a log placed incorrectly on a burner can create sooting, aldehydes, incomplete combustion, and deadly carbon monoxide poisoning. Improper sizing can lead to odor and moisture issues in the home. 

*Please note: Many factory built fireplaces do not allow vent-free log-sets to be operated with the damper closed. While these appliances are typically dual listed as vented/vent-free they can overheat the firebox and ignite combustible framing around the fireplace if operated with the damper closed. Most factory built fireplaces have maximum BTU ratings for gas log set installation. We see MANY improperly installed log-sets every year. 

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