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NFPA Inspection Services

Our primary duty to our customers is the professional and competent evaluation of thier heating appliance, fireplace, and venting system. We provide certifed NFPA 211 inspection services with digital photo documentation and detailed narrative reports with every service. Our inspection service provides a base line for homeowners to understand their level of system safety and compliance with local codes, national safety standards, and manufacturer UL listings requirements.  

We offer three levels of inspection services utilizing a variety of specialty inspection cameras including small diameter boroscope, Ferret duct & pipe venting, ChimScan internal chimney flue, remote pilot aerial drone, and WIFI remote crawler inspection cameras.


Every chimney and gas service begins with a NFPA Level 1 inspection service. The NFPA Level 2 and Level 3 inspections are progressively more detailed and comprehensive in nature.

The NFPA recommends annual inspection of chimneys, fireplaces, and vents for soundness, freedom from deposits, and correct clearances.

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Level 1 Inspection - (Recommended for annual maintenance customers)

The Level 1 inspection is a visual inspection of all (readily accessible) areas of the fireplace & chimney system. This often includes checking soundness of construction materials, measuring material thickness, checking clearance to combustibles, and manufacturer UL listing requirements. This is the minimum level of inspection for continued use of a fireplace and chimney. Every Chimney Sweep & Fireplace Service requires a minimum of a Level 1 Inspection per National Standard - NFPA 211 

Level 2 Inspection - (Recommended for all new customers)

The Level 2 inspection is a more detailed level of inspection (All accessible areas). This service is typically paired a ChimScan Internal Flue Camera inspection and includes roof top and attic space inspection. This service includes all elements of a Level 1 Inspection. This level of service is the minimum required for all post flue fire inspections and well as real estate and property transfers per National Standard - NFPA 211.

Level 3 Inspection - (Recommended as needed)

The Level 3 inspection includes all elements of a level 1 and level 2 inspection. This type of inspection is usually recoomended for cause or if concealed defects are suspected. This inspection involves partial deconstruction and demolition of a fireplace, chimney, or surrounding materials to gain access to concealed areas of the fireplace and chimney. This level of inspection often includes the use of boroscope cameras and is often required to determine the extent of damage to a fireplace and chimney system following a insurable event such as a chimney fire, lightning strike, or storm damage. This level of inspection is often needed during the pre-planning phase of a fireplace renovation project to determine acceptable repairs or confirm compliance with manufacturer UL listing requirements.

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