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Chimney Flashing Installation

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

A high quality chimney flashing should be installed when a roof deck is being reshingled and last the life of the shingles. We recommend flashing the chimney with 26 gauge aluminum on most jobs however acceptable decorative materials include patina or bright copper as well as stainless steel.

Prior to installation of the metal flashing the existing flashing components should be stripped away. The roof deck around the chimney should be inspected for water damage and replaced if neccessary. We recommend a layer of ice and water barrier be installed on all sides of the chimney prior to flashing installation.

If the chimney is wider than 30 inches a chimney cricket or saddle should be installed to ensure proper drainage or water leakage can develop despite a proper flashing installation.

The diagram below illustrates the proper components to a chimney flashing including the lower base flashing (step) and upper cap flashing. We recommend using a high quality polyurathane or butyl rubber caulk to seal all joints and corners between each layer of flashing. DO NOT USE ROOF TAR as a sealant.

Every year we recieve numerous calls from customers with flashing leaks due to improper flashing installation. We typically recommend Flash Seal Sealant for repairs in between shingle replacement. Installation of a metal flashing required removal of shingles around the chimney and reistallation or replacement.

For questions about your chimney flashing or to discuss repair options please schedule a FREE phone consultation or Request a Service Call to have us inspect your chimney and provide a quote for repairs.

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