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Chimney Flashing Installation Tutorial Videos- Shingled Roof

This video series is an excellent reference for home owners looking for a step by step tutorial on how to properly install a chimney flashing on shingled roof with a standard brick chimney. We recommend home owners have thier chimney flashing inspected and updated when the roof is being reshingled. Chimney leaks often develop due to improper flashing design, installation, and improper sealant application. Roofing tar should never be used for flashing a chimney. Please note: If your chimney is wider than 30 inches you should have a chimney cricket or saddle installed to ensure proper drainage prior to flashing installation.

For questions about your chimney flashing or to discuss repair options please schedule a FREE phone consultation or Request a Service Call to have us inspect your chimney and provide a quote for repairs.

(Video Series Source: IvyTech Community College - IvyVILOs)

Chimney Flashing 1 - Measuring & Cutting

Chimney Flashing 2 - Preparation

Chimney Flashing - Bending Metal Flashing

Chimney Flashing 4 - Base Front Apron Flashing Installation

Chimney Flashing 5 - Step Side Flashing Installation

Chimney Flashing 6 - Top Pan Flashing Installation

Chimney Flashing 7 - Front Cap Flashing Installation

Chimney Flashing 8 - Left Side Cap Flashing Installation

Chimney Flashing 9 - Right Side Cap Flashing Installation

Chimney Flashing 10 - Top Cap Flashing Installation

Chimney Flashing 11 - Securing the Cap Flashing

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